KH – Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction The case study below is a real case that we handled. Our client was still employed and had 9 years service, but issues arose at work caused by an illness that was a disability under the Equality Act 2010. Our client was very unhappy at work after she successfully applied for a new role, … Read more

JS – Still Employed – Exit with Compensation

Introduction The case study below (a real example) is also a common situation for us. We are contacted by someone going through issues at work. They are very upset, stressed, and they want to leave their job. We start by giving them advice on the legal implications of their treatment and explore the possibility of … Read more

TT – Dismissed with Less than 2-years’ Service (Discrimination)

Brief Background TT was dismissed after requesting reasonable adjustments. She had some physical injuries that amounted to a disability under the Equality Act 2010. The adjustments she requested were a better chair and a standing desk. When dismissed, she did not receive the notice pay she was contractually entitled to. Less than 2 Years of … Read more