Settlement Agreement Calculator

Settlement Agreement Calculator If you have received an offer to leave your job, it is natural to search for a Settlement Agreement Calculator to check if the offer you have received is reasonable.

If you are in this position, or simply want to understand how much money you may be entitled to if you were to try and negotiate an exit from your employment, then we hope you find this article helpful.

Is a Settlement Agreement Calculator Useful?

In most cases, we do not think so.

Sadly, putting in a few basic details is unlikely to give you an accurate figure.

There are variables in every case and the detail required to accurately value a case and / or a settlement proposal requires much more information than an online calculator can obtain and takes skill and experience.

A Settlement Agreement Calculator can be trusted as much as a similar tool seeking to diagnose a complicated health issue (not very much).

The reality is, the figure presented will fail to take into account a multitude of factors that a professional would not and the figure presented may be significantly on the mark.

Is a Settlement Agreement Calculator A Good Starting Point At Least?

Again, not in our opinion.

These are most likely for marketing and not genuine tools that a professional would use.

If the results produced were accurate and useful, then lawyers and judges would use (perhaps some do, but we doubt it).

For example, we have a time limit calculator, which is used to help calculate the “limitation date” (the deadline) for claims to be filed at the Tribunal, and we do genuinely use it ourselves – we cannot say the same thing for any Settlement Agreement Calculator.

What Can Be Used Instead Of A Settlement Agreement Calculator?

If you have received an offer or want to know what a reasonable offer may look like, then there is no genuine substitute to taking advice from a genuine expert in this area.

Valuing these things is not straightforward and takes significant knowledge and experience.

If you rely on a Settlement Agreement Calculator, then you may be leaving significant compensation on the table (potentially thousands of pounds) or have unreasonable expectations, which are in turn preventing an agreement from being reached – both are unsatisfactory situations.

What Can You Do Instead?

As anyone would recommend if you had a health issue, we recommend seeking out an expert in this area.

If you have been given a Settlement Agreement or want to understand your options in terms of leaving your current employment, then please get in touch with us. We are an expert team of employment lawyers with specialist expertise in handling settlement agreements on behalf of employees. We act for individuals only.

  • We will react immediately.
  • We have a track record of fast turnarounds and getting you the best terms possible.
  • We deal with settlement agreements frequently.
  • When you speak to us, we will put you at ease, answer your questions, and help you resolve the issues you are facing at work.
  • Our fees for advising on settlement agreements will be covered by your employer.

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