Navigating Performance Improvement Plan Disability: A Guide to Rights and Process

Going through a performance improvement plan UK can be a tough time at work. When disabilities intersect with performance improvement plans, navigating the process can be even more complex. This guide aims to demystify performance improvement plan disability issues, focusing on employees’ rights, ensuring reasonable adjustments, and maintaining legal compliance. Expect to find clear guidance to … Read more

Understanding Payment in Lieu of Notice: A Must-Read Guide

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Essential Advice for Employees Constructively Dismissed: Know Your Rights

Feeling compelled to resign due to your employer’s conduct? If you have at least 2-years of continuous service as an employee, then you may have been constructively dismissed or be in a “constructive dismissal” situation. If you are still employed, you may be in a good position to negotiate a lucrative exit. If you have … Read more

Wrongful Dismissal vs Unfair Dismissal Explained

Faced with a job termination, you might be wondering, do I have a claim for wrongful dismissal or unfair dismissal? Understanding the distinction is vital: wrongful dismissal breaches your contract, whereas unfair dismissal violates your statutory rights. This article cuts straight to the heart of wrongful dismissal vs unfair dismissal, offering clarity on each term, … Read more

Mastering the ‘Without Prejudice’ Rule: When and How to Use It Effectively

When resolving disputes, using ‘without prejudice’ (aka “WP”) can safeguard your discussions. This article explains when and how to use ‘without prejudice’ in negotiations, helping you keep your conversations secure and your positions intact.  Key Takeaways The ‘without prejudice’ rule is vital for candid settlement discussions in legal disputes by ensuring communications made during attempts … Read more

JS – Still Employed – Employee Severance Package

Introduction The case study below (a real example) is a common situation for us, which is where we work with an employee who wants an Employee Severance Package. We specialise in this area and offer an Exit With Compensation Package designed for this situation. We are contacted by someone going through issues at work. They … Read more

TT – Dismissed with Less than 2-years’ Service (Discrimination)

If you are looking for unfair dismissal claim under 2 years, then our case study below will help you. Below is a case study (from a real case) where we helped our client obtain financial compensation after she was dismissed with less than two years of service. There are various types of claims that do … Read more