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If you are looking for a Settlement Agreement Solicitor, then you have come to the right place. You may also be interested in How To Negotiate A Settlement Agreement.

We appreciate that this process can be stressful and confusing, which is why we are set up to:

  1. Respond immediately and offer fast turnarounds.
  2. Get our fees covered by your Employer.
  3. Get you to the best possible outcome, such as finalising quickly and getting you more money.
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Our Team will put you at ease, answer your questions, and complete the process in record time.

Why Use Us

Settlement Agreements must be signed off by a qualified lawyer and getting the correct advice is crucial.

Receiving a Settlement Agreement from your employer can be difficult, and upsetting, getting it wrong can have devastating consequences, such as restrictions on your ability to get alternative employment leaving you in serious financial difficulty.

We are Settlement Agreement Specialists who can act quickly. We will put you at ease, guide you through the process, and guarantee that our fees will be covered by the Company.

Every Settlement Agreement is important to us and we strive to get you the best deal possible (our team are expert negotiators). Please don’t miss our FREE guide that you can access at the end of this page.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

Formally known as a Compromise Agreement, a settlement agreement is a type of contract used between an employer and an employee (or worker) to record the terms of a settlement.

Settlement agreements are used when an employee/worker agrees not to pursue certain claims against their employer /ex-employer.

Why Do I Need A Settlement Agreement Solicitor?

Settlement agreements must be signed off by a lawyer to be binding and many law firms offer this service. However, not all law firms specialise in this area, in particular, the skill of negotiating better terms (such as more money).

For the settlement agreement to be binding, the lawyer must advise you on its “terms and effect” only, which means they must explain the basic implications of the terms – there is no requirement to address whether the deal on offer is reasonable.

Can Any Lawyer Sign Off The Settlement Agreement?

Yes, but if you use a “generalist,” someone who does not specialise in employment law and negotiating settlement agreements, they will not have the skills or experience to tell if the deal is reasonable and if not, help you get a better deal.

For example, you may agree to a financial offer that you feel is fair, but in reality, a specialist would have been able to get you thousands of pounds more in compensation. If the settlement agreement is ending your employment (most do) then obtaining the maximum compensation is often critical. Even if you are going straight into another job, it will still take 2-years before you obtain unfair dismissal rights, which means in any new role, there is a risk you may be dismissed with no recourse until you have worked there for at least 2 years.

Further, it is not just the amount of money that is important, there may be clauses in the settlement agreement that can cause issues down the road or clauses to add that will improve your position, such as:

● An agreed reference.
● The removal or variation of restrictive covenants (clauses that place restrictions on you after the employment ends, including on obtaining alternative employment).
● The requirement to participate in investigations for your previous employer, even if you have long since left the company.
● An announcement to colleagues/clients about you leaving, to avoid any suggestion or speculation that you left because of wrongdoing on your part.

Your Settlement Agreement

If you have a settlement agreement, you should not accept the first offer presented, just ask for time to consider your position. You must then (as quickly as possible) make contact with an employment law specialist who is well-versed in dealing with settlement agreements. The aim is not just to get the agreement “signed off” as quickly as possible, tap into the specialist’s skills and experience and make sure you are leaving on the best terms possible (such as more money and a better reference) and avoiding some of the pitfalls we see frequently. Even if you do not want to push for the best terms (some people don’t) you should still ensure your terms are fair and reasonable.

If you have been given a settlement agreement, then please get in contact with us. We are an expert team of employment lawyers with specialist expertise in handling settlement agreements on behalf of employees. We act for individuals only.

● We will react immediately.
● We have a track record of fast turnarounds and getting you the best terms possible.
● We deal with settlement agreements frequently.
● When you speak to us, we will put you at ease, answer your questions, and help you resolve the issues you are facing at work.
● Our fees for advising on settlement agreements will be covered by your employer.

If you have more questions about settlement agreements, we have an FAQ page on Settlement Agreements.

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