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Our exit-with-compensation package enables people who are unhappy at work to exit with financial compensation. This provides financial security whilst you look for alternative employment. We regularly take people who are miserable at work to a position where they seek their dream role with more money than when they started. An Employment Compensation Package is achievable with the right approach and guidance.

The exit and compensation package is for people who are:

  • Still employed.
  • Unhappy at work and want to exit.
  • Seeking advice on their current employment.
  • Wanting assistance with leaving their current employment.
  • Looking for financial compensation from their current employer (an Employment Compensation Package).
  • Those who want to look for a new role with the security of a clean exit and a financial buffer.

What Does The Exit With Compensation Package Include?

The exit and compensation package includes us assessing your situation, creating a plan together, and then us negotiating the exit on your behalf. There are two main phases:

(1) The Advice and Tactics Session

(2) The Negotiation.

Phase 1 – The Advice and Tactics Session

Our ethos is to “diagnose before we prescribe.”

This is an important step. This usually involves us reviewing the key material, which will then be discussed with you over the phone. The aim of the advice and tactics session is to:

  • Give you advice on your situation (to include guidance on the amount of compensation it is feasible to pursue).
  • To allow us to understand the situation better.
  • Arm us with the best arguments to increase your prospects for phase 2 (the negotiation).
  • To exchange inputs and knowledge so we can devise a plan that puts you in the best position when looking to exit.

We often refer to phase 1 as “drawing up our battle plans.” The aim is to properly identify your ideal outcome so we can then tackle the steps to get you there as quickly as possible.

Phase 2 – The Negotiation

The negotiation phase is where we carry out the plan that was put together during Phase 1.

We will commence the negotiation on your behalf, which (1) saves you the effort and sacrifice and (2) increases the chances of a successful outcome (we have tried and tested methods and employers are more likely to engage (and pay) if the negotiation is done properly by a specialist in this area.

The negotiation aims to achieve a resolution between the parties, where you can exit the business on your terms with financial compensation (so us bringing about the ideal outcome we identified during phase 1). For example, we often achieve an exit where you receive your full notice pay (where you do not have to work your notice) and additional tax-free compensation along with contractual terms that secure you a reference and an agreement that your soon-to-be ex-employer will not say bad things about you.

We have further information on Settlement Payments and Settlement Terms on our website.

Settlement Agreement

A successful end to our exit and compensation package is often our client exiting the business via a Settlement Agreement 

These are special contracts used in this situation and the individual must receive independent advice on the terms and effect of the agreement for it to be binding (we can of course take care of this for you).

The Case Against Resigning (At Least Initially)

You may be interested in our guide titled – “The Case Against Resigning (At Least Initially)”.

The guide explains our low-risk method of leaving your job with financial compensation, which provides financial security whilst you look for your dream role). The guide gives an insight into our approach and the Exit and Compensation Package.

The Case Against Resigning

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