Employee Disciplinary Hearing

Disciplinary Hearing
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Being asked to attend a disciplinary hearing can seem daunting. Understanding the process and making sure that your employer observes your rights is crucial in order to protect your position.

You should be given a range of information relating to the allegations that have been made and allowed enough time to prepare for the hearing.

At Toner Legal, we specialise in employment law and provide advice and representation to employees facing disciplinary hearings.

As employment experts, we have in-depth experience of protecting employee rights and securing the best possible outcome for clients during employment difficulties. If you ask us to represent you, we will make sure that your employer has followed the correct procedure in dealing with your case and work with you to achieve the result that you want.

If your employer has failed to observe your rights or you have been treated unfairly, we can advise you on the potential for bringing a claim or negotiating your exit from the business. We are known for dealing robustly with employers and ensuring that our clients have the support and protection they need.

Our disciplinary hearing services include:

  • Advice on whether your employer has followed the correct disciplinary hearing process
  • Discussing your case and identifying your preferred outcome
  • Putting together your case in readiness for the disciplinary hearing
  • Appealing the outcome of a disciplinary hearing

Advice on the disciplinary hearing process

Your employer should have a disciplinary hearing process in place or follow the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures. We can go through what steps they have taken with you and check that they have followed the right process. Failure to do so could negatively impact their case should the matter ever reach an employment tribunal.

Advice on your case

We will go through what has happened and give you our honest assessment of your case, as well as advice on the best way to protect your position. We can discuss potential outcomes and work with you to identify what you want to happen. If you have reached the stage where you wish to leave your employment, we will advise you of your options and, where possible, negotiate your exit.

Preparation for a disciplinary hearing

Having a strong case prepared will give you confidence for the hearing and mean that you are best able to safeguard your position and ensure your employer does not exceed their authority.

We can help you prepare your defence, including identifying what documents to obtain, providing a written document for you to refer to during the hearing and identifying any breaches of your rights carried out by your employer.

We will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared and that you have a clear picture of the process that should be followed. Generally, a disciplinary hearing involves the following steps:

  • Your employer notifies you of the hearing
  • You are given written information about the allegations against you and copies of any evidence your employer is relying on
  • You are advised of the seriousness of the allegations and the potential outcome of the disciplinary hearing, in particular, if there is a risk of dismissal
  • You are notified that you can bring a representative to the meeting with you, usually a colleague or trade union representative
  • Following the hearing, the result is given to you in writing
  • You are notified of your right to appeal

Appealing a hearing result

If you have already had a disciplinary hearing and you are not satisfied with the result, you have a right to appeal. We can go through your case, identify the best grounds on which to raise an appeal and advise you on starting the appeals process.

For more information on dealing with the disciplinary process, see our article on How to beat disciplinary hearings.

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