We are experts at negotiating on behalf of our clients. We help clients negotiate exits, so they can leave their jobs with compensation.

We take the time to learn what you want to achieve at the outset. We give advice on what is achievable and take the required steps to get you a better outcome. If you have already received an offer to leave your workplace, you will no doubt want to discuss if the offer is reasonable. This is often a tricky question, but something our experts can help you with. We have tried and tested tactics and can put together an Exit Strategy to maximise your chances of leaving the employment on your terms and with financial security (compensation).

If you have been given a settlement agreement (or had a “Protected Conversation”) you should get in touch immediately. Our experts can guide you through this process and will take the required steps to get you the best outcome.

We have more information on how to Negotiate a Settlement Agreement Here.

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