Blair Toner – Founder, Barrister

I am a specialist employment lawyer passionate about access to justice and helping people solve their work-related problems. I have extensive knowledge in all areas of employment law, focusing on employment tribunal litigation and negotiating exits for employees. I founded Toner Legal so I could help more people. I represent clients nationwide and have attended many employment tribunals across the UK, including Scotland.

Toner Legal is an extension of the way I managed my practice, which is to deliver an outstanding service whilst always listening to clients and keeping them informed of progress. We are a results-driven Firm, meaning we don’t just give legal advice and guidance, we understand what clients want to achieve and then help them get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.


“I’m extremely grateful for the exceptional support and legal expertise of Blair Toner during the most challenging period in my life. After a serious accident and facing numerous legal issues, Mr. Toner served as both a legal advocate and a source of strength throughout.

Blair Toner’s unwavering commitment was remarkable. He was always available and the end of a phone to ease the pressure and provide the guidance I needed. What truly stood out was his empathetic approach, understanding the toll on my mental health and going the extra mile to support and empower me.

Thanks to Blair Toner’s legal expertise, we successfully navigated complex legal matters, achieving a just outcome. His attention to detail and determination were impressive.

I cannot recommend Blair Toner highly enough for anyone in need of legal representation. He excels in his field and genuinely cares for his clients’ well-being. My gratitude is boundless, and I’ll always appreciate his crucial role in helping me navigate this extraordinarily strenuous chapter of my life.”

C Shepherd

“I can not thank Blair and the team at Toner Legal enough. He has been so helpful and professional always quick to reply to my questions, very understanding. I got the agreement I wanted thanks to him. So thanks a million Toner legal.”

M Klosi

“Couldn’t recommend Blair and the Toner Legal team more. Helped me through the whole process with brilliant communication and a personable approach. And got me the result I wanted to! Thank you Toner Legal.”

L Strangwick-Wild

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