Free Course – Avoid Employment Tribunal Pitfalls

Learn from the Experts in our FREE COURSE“Step-by-Step Guidance on Making an Employment Tribunal Claim.”

Course Description

You want to make an Employment Tribunal Claim but don’t know where to start and have many questions.

This course will take out the guesswork and show you how Tribunal Experts present their claims.

The course uses video, audio, and documents to walk you through our signature Toner Legal 3-Step Process.

You hear directly from a Barrister and Employment Law Expert, Blair Toner, with advice, tips, and insight into how best to present your case.

If you do it alone, you might make mistakes and will start your claim on the back foot.

Presenting a claim well may increase your chances of success and the Financial Compensation awarded.

Who this course is for: Anyone serious about presenting a Tribunal claim who wants to understand the process, make an informed decision, and present the best version of their case.

Who this course is definitely NOT for: If you’re an employer, this course will NOT show you how to defend a claim, it’s only for employees or if you are an employee with a potentially complex case.

The Course Creator

The course creator is Blair Toner, Barrister, who is an expert in employment law and employment tribunal litigation. Blair is passionate about access to justice and helping individuals enforce their employment rights, which led to him creating Toner Legal, a Firm of employment lawyers for employees.

Blair is a specialist in Employment Tribunal Claims. He has vast experience in all aspects of employment law with a focus on Employment Tribunal litigation. This course is a chance to learn how best to present your case. Blair often sees individuals without legal representation make the same mistakes – this course is designed to level the playing field and give you a fighting chance.




What You Will Learn

The course will teach you:

  • Things To Consider Before Making A Claim (Is it worth it?).
  • The 3 Key Stages In A Tribunal Claim (so you know what to expect).
  • Our Black Book of Sources for Free Advice.
  • How To Complete Early Acas Conciliation (a key and compulsory step).
  • The 15 Key Pitfalls To Avoid (so you can avoid losing before you even start).
  • How To Draft Your Particulars of Claim (get on the front foot and improve prospects of success.
  • Presenting The Claim Online.
  • And More (videos, templates, example documents, and audio from an employment litigation expert).

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