Settlement Agreement Employment

Receiving a settlement agreement can be a complex and confusing time. Settlement agreements are most often used to end employment relationships on agreed terms or settle disputes between employers and employees. Either way, the employee must seek independent legal advice on the terms of the settlement agreement to ensure the implications of signing are understood. … Read more

How To Write A Letter Of Grievance

Raising a formal grievance at work usually means you are in a difficult situation. Before you write the grievance, you should have first tried to resolve the issues informally.

Protected Conversations

Legal jargon can be complex and tricky to understand and so the aim of this article is to break down the significance of protected conversations at work and give you some initial guidance. Your employer may have invited you to a protected conversation and you are unsure how to proceed. In this article we will … Read more

What Does Without Prejudice Mean?

You may have heard the term “without prejudice” and do not fully understand what it means. In this article, we answer the question “What does without prejudice mean?”. You may have received a without prejudice letter or been invited to a without prejudice meeting. You may also be unhappy at work or have now left … Read more

Settlement Agreements – Typical Payments

When receiving a settlement agreement, you might be angry and upset, which may then be replaced with confusion. This can be a difficult time as losing your job is never easy.

The Grievance Outcome And Appeal

After attending a grievance hearing, you are likely to receive a written grievance outcome. The timing and content of the grievance outcome can have significant implications on your employment.

The Grievance Hearing

After raising a grievance, there is likely to be a grievance hearing, which may also be referred to as a grievance meeting. This is a formal meeting to discuss your grievance with your employer and may form the basis of your employer’s decision.