No Win No Fee Solicitors For Employment

We are often asked if we are No Win No Fee Solicitors For Employment. The answer depends on your situation and legal issue. An element of our Exit With Compensation Package is often funded using a no win no fee (the negotiation phase), but we require a fixed fee up front to cover Phase 1, the advice and tactics session.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Employment

We do not run Employment Tribunal Claims using a no win no fee. Employment Tribunal claims can take several years and are often lengthy and time-consuming. Our ethos is to obtain more favourable outcomes for our clients quickly, such as receiving financial compensation without having to wait several years. However, we can help you utilise your Legal Expenses Insurance if you have cover, most commonly found under a home contents policy.

The most common situation where we use a no win no fee funding model is:

(1)Where you are still employed.

(2)When you want to negotiate an exit (ending your current employment in exchange for financial compensation).

Please note that the above comes into operation after your advice and tactics session (charged using a fixed fee), during which you obtain advice, and we devise a plan to maximise your chances of obtaining financial compensation.

When working with no win no fee solicitors for employment, make sure you fully understand how this funding works so there are no issues further down the line. We provide a document explaining how no win no fee works, which gives examples to illustrate how it works in practice.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Employment

After paying for an advice and tactics session, you will finally know where you stand legally and have a bespoke plan to maximise your chances of leaving a job you hate with financial compensation. This will give you financial security so you can spend the time required to secure your dream role. When negotiating on behalf of our clients using a no win no fee:

  1. We take risks so you don’t have to.
  2. Unlike using an hourly rate, there is no chance you will be left with a large legal bill and still be in a job where you are unhappy.
  3. We will take our tried and tested steps to maximise the compensation you will receive.
  4. We are incentivised to work quickly and efficiently.
  5. We will do all the hard work so you don’t have to.
  6. You will receive expert guidance every step of the way.

Working with no win no fee employment solicitors can increase access to justice and enable people to receive the advice and guidance they deserve. We use this funding model (*terms apply) to help more people leave jobs they hate – see Our Story for more information.No Win No Fee Employment Lawyer

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